Saturday, March 26, 2011

Land of the unknown

How in the world do you pack or prepare for two years and three months in another country? I leave in two months and I am overwhelmed with everything I FEEL like I am suppose to be doing to prepare for this new adventure. How do you know what is appropriate and not appropriate to bring? Im nervous to bring too much or too little. I am worried about forgeting something and not realizing it until I get to Peru. Everyone says not to worry about that because you get adjustment money to purchase the items you need once you get to your country. Too much that I do not know, and it is very overwhelming!!!!!!


  1. hi taffidy! i just found your blog in Peace Corps Journals, and I am a future PCV-Peru, June 9th too! A girl named Faith McAuliffe in our group created a facebook group called "Peace Corps Peru 17," i'm sure the other few people that have found each other would love to "meet" you!

  2. Hola Taffidy. Thats the extent of my spanish at this point. I am, like the other commenter above, a future PCV-Peru leaving June 9th. I am also doing youth development much like your self. Im going to join the facebook group. Hopefully we can figure out what to pack. I went to Peru last year for vacation oddly enough and it does get cold but its also hot so im guessing we need a little of everything. We will also need some nicer clothes as well because I don't think we are going to be too far off in the boonies. Its not Africa. I have a friend who is there now and i am asking him questions and getting insider information.